Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday Stories 004

Okay so it's 20 to midnight, still some time to bang out my Sunday stories!

01. Another stressful week ahead, though hopefully it will be followed by a more relaxed one. (I can hope right!?) After then I will actually delve into more beauty blogging.
02. I am loving neon right now. Neon nails, lips and clothing. Expect a post soon about my neon favourites for the spring summer season, even if it seems like it'll never arrive with the snow in the UK.
03. The Superbowl was on tonight(hence the late post) I wanted the Pats to win boo hoo! I loved Madonna's halftime show though, totally incredible. If you've been reading my blog you might have notices that I've mentioned Madge in posts before because I am a big fan aha.
04. Am currently craving red-coral nail polishes, my favourite all time nail polish is nearing the end of it's bottle and I just love it so much (Sephora by OPI Lost Without My GPS- so gorg). I have a shade by Missguided that was free in a magazine this summer that's similar but my oh my does it stain! Therefore I am currently on the hunt for a dupe of the shade.

What are your sunday stories, what are you looking forward to in the coming week?


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