Monday, 27 February 2012

Monday Stories

Haven't posted in quite a while, sorry!
01.So I moved back to England recently, thus the lack of blogging. I do miss Canada a bit, but on the upside the weather here has been uncharacteristically nice (especially for February).
02.In relation to a prior post on travelling with makeup, I somehow managed to get most of my makeup back to the UK(save for a few Barry M nail polishes, easily replaceable though). I really didn't realise until I was unpacking how much makeup, skincare and haircare products i has amassed since September 2011(whoops!)
03.Kind of have a busy week ahead of me and a very fun weekend to look forward to also as it's my friend's birthday on Sunday and so we'll be celebrating on Saturday (and into Sunday morning). Not sure what my party makeup will be, probably will be using some of my Makeup Forever aqua range products so that my eye and cheek makeup will stay long lasting since there's nothing worse than getting home to find that your makeup has migrated south during the night hehe.
04.Since I've moved back my hair has been nothing but a big, fluffy mess. My GHDs have seemingly betrayed me because there's nothing keeping this hair straight or sleek! Thankfully after a trip to the hairdressers by hairstylist recommended I invest in a new blow dryer as apparently the one that I'm using isn't hot/powerful? enough to tame my hair, I get my hair done at Nicky Clarke but it seems that even their stylists wouldn't recommend their heat styling products! I'll be posting more about that sometime this week.

What are your plans for this week, do you have anything that you're looking foward to?

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