Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Travelling with Makeup

I'll be flying back to the UK for a few months pretty soon and one of my persistent travel issue is storing my makeup in my case. It sounds terrible but my makeup bag is always the heaviest thing in my case and this next trip will be no exception, apart from the fact that now my makeup case is too small to carry all of my makeup AND nail polishes.

Some of the items I'll be taking back to the UK in my very messy drawer!

I'll be using space bags for clothing but unfortunately the concept doesn't lend itself to beauty products! Now I'm thinking perhaps liquid products in the case, and some pressed powders/baked products in my carry on. As well as a ton of bubble wrap around the nail polishes! I'll make a post if I find some kind of 'snazzy' was to travel with my products aha. It's going to be inevitable that I'll be paying to heavy luggage but with already having a large case my issue is one of space. I've already decided to part with some products i don't need *tears up* but I don't think that's going to make a big impact, oh well!

Do you have a certain way you travel with makeup? Or methods for saving space in your case?

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  1. haha hate those little travelling dilemas x