Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday Stories 001

01.I spent most of today snuggled up in bed watching my latest horrific discovery... Toddlers and Tiaras which I know is nothing new but I just started watching it! So disturbing, yet so addictive.
02.I've had this blog set up for a while but haven't gotten around to using it so I thought I'd put it into practice, though i can't promise it'll be great and regularly updated but I'm going to try! I guess I'll be better motivated once I have the layout sorted.
03.I've been back in Canada for a week now and while I miss home and my friends and family in the UK, I'm getting back into the swing of uni.
04.Since I'm a student now, I've had to cutting down on my shopping/hauls but I'm hoping to get a job asap (fingers crossed!)
05.Didn't Madonna look great at the Golden Globes!? and I'm so glad she won an award, even if her acceptance speech was a bit off!

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